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Topic: One Computer ?

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    One Computer ?

    Is there a way of partitioning a hard drive, or running 2, 3, or 4 hard drives to be able to run GigaStudio 3 and a sequencing program on the same computer, or is it a given that you have to dedicate/offer a computer to the Giga Gods ?....

    If you have GigaStudio 3 set up on one computer....Do you need a hardware midi interface to play thru it , or are you basically all useing a soundcard that has a midi port buillt in and using that to interface with Giga ?....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: One Computer ?

    Running Windows XP SP2,GS3 Orchestra, Home Studio 2004 on the same computer, Pentium4 3 Gig,2 Gig mem. My soundcard is AP2496, and no, I do not need a midi interface, it is on the soundcard. I have no problems.My samples are on a second hard drive 80 Gigs. Hope this helps.


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    Re: One Computer ?

    Very interesting .....Maybe I will copy your setup !!...I also have a P4 3 gig
    CPU ...My motherboard is an Asus P4C800-E with 1 gig of ram ...So you don't have any problems with your computer freezing up or any other abnormalities?
    This is good news....So you are basically running the GigaStudio 3 program on the one hard drive, and running your samples on the other ?.....How many different applications do you have on hard drive 1, and how many do you have on hard drive 2 with the samples ?....I would like to lean out my PC as much as I can to eliminate any file incompatabilities......Thanks for your repy as it gives me hope... ....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: One Computer ?

    From what I've been reading here, the only time you'd have problems is when your polyphony gets too high.

    How many voices are you using at the moment?

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    Re: One Computer ?

    I have had GS3, Sonar 3, and Samplitude 7 running on one computer (P4 2.8GHz, 1 Gigabyte memory, 3 disks, M-Audio 24/96 card) without any limitations. Two computers makes things more convenient in some ways, however.

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    Re: One Computer ?

    I'd like to use as many voices as I can get away with ....You guys that have all these programs on one computer, how many hard drives are you running ?
    Is this a matter of running the actual program applications on one hard drive, and then putting files like "audio files" and "sample files" on another hard drive ??.....Hard drives are VERY inexpensive so I don't mind going out and buying hard drives if I know this will work ...I already have 2 hard drives in my computer, and will add more if I need to ... Also, are you running your different hard drives ( if you are ) on different IDE channels in your computers? .... I see that there are 2 people using the same sound card
    (M-Audio 24/96 ) and I am wondering if this is sound card specific, or is it a matter of setting up enough hard drives , or a combination of both ???.....
    The M-Audio is not my soundcard of choice , but if it will work with a few different programs loaded at once, it will save me the cost of another computer....Hmmmmmmmm.. .....Thanks to all for your help ....Jim

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    Re: One Computer ?

    That is correct.

    You could for example have:

    C: for applications and OS
    D: for audio streams (recorded into your recording software)
    E: for gigastudio sample libraries

    ...and it´s been discussed what´s the best IDE-setup, but this is one solution that works:

    IDE1 = C: and CD/DVD burner
    IDE2 = D: and E:

    ... with RAID systems and newer stuff this can be modified.

    Have a nice day!

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    Re: One Computer ?


    To to clarify, you can actually get WORSE performance by logically partitioning a hard drive.

    With any sampling engine, you will have best results with three PHYSICAL hard drives:
    - Physical Drive 1: OS and Programs
    - Physical Drive 2: Samples (with speed of 7200 RPM or greater)
    - Physical Drive 3: Recorded audio data.

    With your situation (you have both a Mac and PC), you would record the audio on your Mac.

    For absolutely best GigaStudio 3 results (if you had Gigastudio Orchestra, which includes GigaPulse Pro), Tascam recommends THREE physical hard drives (I use just two and it works good):
    - Physical Drive 1: OS and Gigastudio program
    - Physical Drive 2: Samples
    - Physical Drive 3: GigaPulse "impulses"
    - Physical Drive 2:

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    Re: One Computer ?

    Ok ....So much for partitioning my hard drives.....I'm going to leave the Mac out of the system, and will be running only the PC....I already have 2 hard drives and a third will not be a problem ...Actually I will try working it out with the 2 hard drives....I'll run the application programs on one hard drive, and the samples and audio on another ....If I see to many problems, I will get another hard drive ....Then have one for samples and giga information, and the other specifically for audio from the sequencing program ....Thanks so much for all of your help ...If there are folks running this kind of setup using something other than an M-Audio sound card, please chime in .... Perhaps someone has something similar to this using either an RME card or the newer Gina 3G ??...
    Thanks again....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: One Computer ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Hines
    Tascam recommends THREE physical hard drives (I use just two and it works good):
    - Physical Drive 1: OS and Gigastudio program
    - Physical Drive 2: Samples
    - Physical Drive 3: GigaPulse "impulses"
    That's interesting. Why a separate drive for Gigapulse files? They don't stream, so once they load there should be no performance hit while streaming samples. And I've run into some minor issues when trying to move gigapulse impulse files from the default install.

    -- David

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