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Topic: Don't feed the troll !!!

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    Don't feed the troll !!!

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    If you, like myself, are extremely tired of the the sheepish Think_About_It. I would encourage you all to add him to your ignore list.

    He contributed absolutely NOTHING to this forum. Instead of giving him what he wants, please just turn him off.

    Goto "My Profile" - Buddy / Ignore List and add his name there.

    Unless, of course, you find value in his ignrant rants.

    He has been added to mine.

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    Re: Don't feed the troll !!!

    I love it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but right now I and all my friends are feeling pretty low, and he's just an insensitive, annoying fly buzzing around.

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    Re: Don't feed the troll !!!

    Hopefully he'll go away - but surely some cant resist feeding the trolls. Similar to those in city parks who feed the winged-rats --

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