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Topic: Feeling a Little Draft?

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    Feeling a Little Draft?

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    According to a Washington insider, a couple of weeks ago the Bushies secretly worked up a resolution to reinstate the draft, should Bush be "re-elected."

    Kiss your sons and daughters good bye.

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    your so full of crap I can smell you from here
    I do not regret the things I've done, but those I was unable to do.

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    I really can't imagine Bush will reinstate the draft, even though I know he would like to.

    Given he was "crystal clear" on national TV when he said "no draft", and given this is so early in his second term, he would be brandished as a complete liar if he tried to.

    I assume he will just keep the existing troops over there and tell them to "suck it up".

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    Man Rob, I hope you're wrong... I'm 21 and done with college and not married and no kids and I'd be one of the first to go - hey Christian B - guess I'll be joining you up there in Canada soon i love my country and all - but I am not going to die for Bush's ignorance.
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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    My guess - draft reinstated within a year...

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    "W" can do what the hell he likes and you can pound drums on the street coners all day- at the end of the day you lose he wins.
    think about that!

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    I've been worried about this for a long time. Hopefully they'll not draft anyone with a long hospital record of asthma ... You think?

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Lastufka
    Man Rob, I hope you're wrong... I'm 21 and done with college and not married and no kids and I'd be one of the first to go

    Here are two methods:

    Bush Method
    Apply and get admitted to graduate school.

    Cheney Method
    Get married, have a kid and claim "hardship"

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    Listen guys, this originally came up because 2 democrats started this scare tactic and when they tried to pass it in congress one of the original guys voted against it and it was only left with one vote for and the rest against. Bush could not even pass this without congress approval. It's not going to happen.

    Think about this too, Kerry said we would have to police all the coast lines to make sure no one was coming in illegally sneaking in WDM and other stuff, how the heck are you going to do that with the size of force we have now? If he were elected there would have to be a draft.

    I'm active duty Air force and we are continually booting people out. The Army has been trying to recruit people for like 8 years like crazy (50-60k for college); I don't see anyone calling BS when Clinton was doing it? If anything we are down sizing the service. You have to realize also those guys that are over in the desert that is their trained mission. Another thing to think about, whom do you think is the first to get activated? It's not generally the guys back home at your local military post itĺs the National Guard or the Reservists. It's those guys who spend majority of their time back in their state working a regular 9-5, then when their country needs them they head out.

    If I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it. I cannot see where you get this stuff. It's just constant scare tactics.

    For what it's worth I think it's a great idea for anyone eligible to serve some sort of government position for 4 years such as military or forestry service, or coast guard what ever. I have had the chance to travel to 4 of the 7 cotenants, including Antarctica. I have a much better appreciation for all those country's and people out there that I would have never have had the opportunity if I just stayed at home as an electrician as I started out as.
    I do not regret the things I've done, but those I was unable to do.

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    Re: Feeling a Little Draft?

    The worry about the draft is not a matter of scare tactics. It's just math: we have an army of 130,000+ troops in Iraq.

    Once these troops are due to come home, who will replace them? Are you saying they'll just have to stay in the service?

    Or that we'll withdraw most of them? Then what happens in Iraq? I think most people, on both sides about the war, agree that troops will have to stay for many years to come.

    So if troops are needed, and enlistment isn't up, where do they come from?

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