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Topic: FX Teleport

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    Question FX Teleport

    I've read reviews of FX Teleport that are miles apart. I could reallly use some honest opinions. Anyone out there using it? Anyone using it for high end orshestral sequencing?

    Tell me it's as good as they say it is on the website...

    Also, Would I need a program like Vstack on the server?

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    Re: FX Teleport

    Worked well for me at a network buffer of 512 samples (on a 100mbit network using CAT 10 crossover cable), so realistically you're looking at 768 samples total latency (inc soundcard). I occasionally got it to work at 256 samples but it was the luck of the draw. I heard reports that gigabit networking can achieve lower latencies (maybe because packet headers travel more quickly?). In any case, I could get about 10 stereo tracks across at this latency.

    You don't need Vstack - the server is a host in itself. You can however host a subhost such as EnergyXT or Chainer within the server, allowing you to perform some of the mixing there, saving bandwidth.

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    Re: FX Teleport

    Simply try the demo! Took me about 10 minutes to get it running.
    It works very good for me; but there a people that are having major difficulites. (check the forum)


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    Re: FX Teleport

    Quote Originally Posted by folmann

    : )
    same here

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