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Topic: Record to file

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    Record to file

    I liked the record to file inprovement. Saves some time.

    But if you have to make a lot of audiofiles and open them in a sequencer there will be some work to make them start at the same time.

    Could it be possible to insert some midi-information that trigger the recorder to start? Or is where any other solutions to this?

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    Re: Record to file

    That's not a bad enhancement idea, triggering the record via MIDI. In the meantime, I'm thinking that if you need to make a lot of audio files whose start times line up, it might be best to do it via the VST plugin in your sequencer. That way you could enable the tracks to record, create the audio files, mute those and select the next batch, etc. Probably not as elegant a solution as what you had in mind, but it would get the job done...
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