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Topic: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

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    10 reasons how the dems screwed up

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    time to look in the mirror !
    we can argue for the next century about bush. now how did the democrats screw up? i have a few ideas feel free to add to the list.

    1 absolutely no clear cut direction after 911 as how to contribute in a constructive way to the war on terror. my impressions where after the 911 the dems looked like sheep. remember the mid-term elections? republican landslide.
    2. generally no strong leadership in general. during the 1st runoffs it looked like the the masses where rallying around anyone that sounded good.
    3. during the the initial concerns and protest about the war on iraq the dems looked like a bunch of 1960 mindless hippies. zero appeal to the middle guy and the southern state voters. beating on drums and smashing storefront windows is idiotic at best. I heard no one challenge the CIA reports or powells reports regarding WMD. it seemed like again just before the invasion of iraq the dems looked weak.
    4. during the war when things started going south. the dems basically started yelling "see told you so" candidates like dean appealed mostly to antiwar sentiment. well duh you can't run just on that alone.
    5. rallying around michael moore- big mistake. do you really want to rally around someone that is critical of democracy and capitalism?
    6. during the race the dems where at best slow in response to the karl rove attack machine. for weeks ads ran around the country branding kerry as weak , indecisive wishy washy . this strategy continues till the very end
    7. BAD DEFENSE: the democratic ads sucked. there where no truth ads clarifying kerry's positions. the dems never pointed out clearly that bush was distorting his positions. IE: the bush "wovles" ad went completely unchallenged.
    8. no effort to reach out to rural voters.
    9 zero effort to reach out to the church vote. considering kerrys catholic upbringing and his career as a prosecutor he could have done a better job at this. again he let himself be pre-branded by rove.
    10. relying on "move on dot x" groups for ads. what a big screwup! as soon as a moderate or a conservative sees "move on whatever" . the liberal spin red flag goes up.
    and one more durning the convention way to much time on his vietnam record given he should have expected the swifboat attacks.


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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    All good points.

    Also - NO McCalliffe - No Hillary - and no Lawyer-Types

    Camille Paglia offered similar insight before the election ::


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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    The Bush-lite campaign was destined to fail. Why vote for lite when you can have the real thing?

    Kerry: spoke to the people in pragmatic terms. Bush: used "moral" and "personal" language, even if it never left the domain of 10-year-old thinking. Folks prefer it. Sounds honest, even if it's drool.

    Bush really is dumb, and that helped: his lowest common denominator language didn't come across as talking-down to the people or as fake. It was real and came across very naturally.

    GOP was better organized than the Dems, no question there.

    Dems: no answer to sleezy Rowe tactics: pandering to anti-gay, pro-evangelist, zenophobic thinking (which he rightly counted on being as widespread in America).

    But seriously, how do you counter those sort of tactics? It's not easy. Maybe another Clinton (Southern, smart, populist appeal) would have won the day.


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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    One thing's for sure: you don't counter it by trying to out-religious zealot the religious wrong.

    I think you counter it by standing up and saying I'm liberal, proud of it, and this is what we stand for [long list of all the positives]. In other words, you appeal to the rational side of humanity.

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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    I think the two biggest things that cost the election were:

    1) Gays getting married in Massachussets, San Francisco and Oregon. It helped put the fire back in the brimstone, and

    2) Kerry does not rank as high as a candidate needs to on the handsome/charisma scale. At one point on Tuesday night CNN awarded a state to Kerry, his picture came up and my 14-year old daughter laughed spontaneously and said "what a geek". She never would have said that if Martin Sheen had been running.

    Item 1 helped bring Bush's base to the polls. Item 2 failed to bring the emotional vote to Kerry.


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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    Making this a war against a stereotyped view of the rest of the country with M Moore leading the way.

    Rethink your platform in a way to be respectful of those other views, while at the same time offering alternatives or middle ground to reach out to those people...and then choose a candidate who can do that and represent that.

    If you continue to war with the rest of the country, and base that on stereotypes and negative views of them...you are just going to make the same mistakes again.

    Lastly, you cannot win, by just writing off entire portions of the country and the people who live there.

    There is lots of common ground, and ways to present your platform and core beliefs to these people that is open, honest and reaches out to them.
    You may not support their beliefs, but it's important for these people to understand that you respect their views, not make war against them, and that you meet "somewhere" in the middle..that you understand their concerns and respect them instead of going FAR left with it and just rejecting them outright and writing them off. That doesn't mean you have to embrace their view. Only that you find a way to respect it and seek common ground on these and other issues.

    The DNC has gone too far left for even many democrats. (myself included).
    If you continue this "war" and anger and bitterness and devisiveness...and negative stereotyping campaign against the rest of america, led by people like M Moore, etc... you are only asking to be marginalized more and more.

    It is time for the DNC to rethink the party platform. That's not just my view, as a democrat, but James Carville said it honestly and openly on CNN when after we got through the obviously manipulated early exit polls, the numbers started telling the truth. He said...we cannot win..without somehow finding a way to embrace all that red on this map. We can't just write them off and depend on CA and NY, etc...or preaching to the choir.

    You have a choice to make here. If you just find new stereotypes and strawmen to re-cycle your anger, etc..against..., your next electoral map is going to look even worse than it does now.

    You fought a good fight. You stood in line for hours in the rain and cold for what you believed in. And so did the people who voted against Kerry..how ever you want to look at it. And they did so for just as many varied reasons. Stereotyping this isn't going to help.

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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    rallying around michael moore- big mistake. do you really want to rally around someone that is critical of democracy and capitalism?

    Hmmm....just for the record, the only criticism levvyed by MM about Democracy is towards the lack of a real choice in this country. You make it sound as if he is denouncing Democracy which he isn't at all.

    As far as being critical of capitalism, I agree with him and I would like my politicians to be equally critical. I think things are way out of control, with corporations ammassing more and more power (monetary and political) at the expense of the individual. This type of capitalism is neither healthy nor productive. Eventually the machine is doomed to crumble under its own weight if things are allowed to continue to progress without a real challenge.
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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    4. Must own assault rifles to hunt deer or pheasants.
    Ern, you misspelled peasants.


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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Ern, you misspelled peasants.


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    Re: 10 reasons how the dems screwed up

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    I was surprised that "Morals" was the #1 reason people voted for Bush.

    So who can the Democrats champion? Someone really, really dumb, and who stands for these "Moralistic Principles":

    1. Must be an evangelical Christian who believes that anyone who is not will burn in Hell.

    2. Must hate gay people and deny them their civil rights.

    3. Must put more children into poverty as long as their own children are safe from terrorists.

    4. Must own assault rifles to hunt deer or pheasants.

    5. Must be willing to free the world by bombing the hell out of them.

    6. Must give the wealthiest people tax cuts while the middle class live from pay check to pay check.

    7. Must outsource jobs to India and China, and create more jobs at McDonalds.

    8. Must deny children healthcare by putting more emergency rooms out of business.

    9. Must own Hummers and Navigators in order to crush liberals in hybrids and burn as much gas as possible.

    10. Must support ruining the environment and giving tax cuts to companies that are willing to do that.

    11. Must be against stem-cell research and science in general.


    O.K., that's for starters. Now, where do we find a dumb Democrat?

    So...I come back to read the Off-topic forum after the election to see reactions of the people here, and it is more apparent to me now than ever the problem with the Democrats in the last few years (and this includes most Libs on this forum).

    Ern...honestly...your post describes no conservative republican I know...and believe me I know a lot. And I believe this is one VERY BIG aspect of the Dems problem. They have no clue who their opponant is. They have miscalculated, misunderstood, underestimated and demonized the other side to the point of irrationality. They have lost the ability to comprehend the other side of any issue. And, they have it so ingrained in their brains that the Republicans are the evil individuals described above...they will continue to lose elections in many years to come if they don't realize they are not fighting the individuals they like to think of as "republicans". They have let the conspiratorial, irrational left take over their main stream thinking and the democratic party leadership. Michael Moore was sitting next to the head of the DNC in their convention for goodness sakes. The Dems are severly out of touch with the American People. You are not the mainstream anymore guys...you are moving far away from that. And your hatred and negativity is only pushing you further in that direction.

    Look at the county by county map of election results. The amount of areas in the red does not mean you are surrounded by the "enemy". It means that there are a heck of a lot of people in the country which the democratic party has alienated. This is not just seen in the re-election of Bush...but in the continued republican gaining of U.S. House and Senate seats in each election since the 80s. In the early 80s, the Dems held 20 Senate seats in the south....now they hold 4. Something has happened there and calling the southerners "dumb, ignorant hicks" is only going to make that number 4 go down to 0.

    The other side is a side not to fight and oppose...but a side to try to understand and work with. Beginning with his first few months in office in 2000, Bush did this and was ultimately rejected by the democratic leadership. He has held out the hand again now, even in his press conference today and his acceptence speech yesterday. Kerry said we need to work together and begin a healing of the divide in this country. So...we'll see how the dems react when the first Surpreme Court Justice is nominated by Bush. It would be one thing to oppose an individual for valid reasons and to make the argument rationally on the floor of congress. But if the Dems come out and begin their hate speech playbook against Bush at that time...and play their fillabuster games...we will all know the Dems have not learned their lesson.

    Barack Obama...now there is a reasonable, respectful man I could actually vote for. (might want to think about that one before you all put Hillary up in '08)

    As a gesture to all my Democratic friends...I seriously invite all of you who are in L.A. or will be in L.A. one day to come over and hang for a little while. I have lots of DVDs and a pretty kick ~~~ DTS surround system. Let's watch a movie, BBQ dinner...have some drinks...and find out that while we might not agree on some issues...we have a lot more in common than you might think and we are for sure not "enemies" within our own borders.

    (now back to writing)
    Brian W. Ralston

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