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Topic: How to set up multi-timbral GPO with Logic Express 7?

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    How to set up multi-timbral GPO with Logic Express 7?

    Hello all,

    I am counting on the good graces of this forum to help an ignorant newbie to both GPO and Logic Express. Thanks in advance for your easy-to-digest, cut-up-into-small pieces answer(s)!!

    How do I set up one instance of GPO in Logic Express 7 so that it receives multi-timbrally on that one instance? It is fine for me that each instrument in the instance are routed to the same stereo pair output. But what I want to do from a midi *input* standpoint is have an instance of GPO with flute on channel 1, oboe on channel 2, clarinet on channel 3, etc. up to eight channels on that instance. *then* ideally I could open up another instance of GPO that would have, say, brass across it's 8 channels.

    So is this possible to do in Logic Express 7? In Digital Performer 4.12, I can load an instance of GPO and in the midi track output select the midi channel for that instance quite easily.

    I hope I have framed the question in a way that is understandable. I am more than happy to read other threads and FAQ's, too. I just don't know exactly where to look!

    I appreciate your help,
    Brad Pearson
    THG Music
    Spokane WA

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    Re: How to set up multi-timbral GPO with Logic Express 7?

    After some more searching, I came across this solution from the logic-pro discussion boards at Yahoo. (This gentleman's solution refers to "Stylus", but the concept works for GPO.) I tried it and it works, so I post it here for general information:

    "Set up an AudioInstrument for Stylus(let's say 1) and
    assign it to receive MIDI channel 1. Set up
    AudioInstrument 2 for MIDI channel 2, AI 3 for MIDI
    ch. 3...AI 8 for MIDI ch. 8. Then change AI 2's Cha
    (not MIDI channel) to AI 1, the AI 3's Cha to AI 1,

    (Note that you can't set up a second AI 1 and then
    change its MIDI receive channel, because it'll change
    the first one too - hence this crazy sequence of steps
    to go through.)

    You can then assign the MIDI channels and outputs for
    each program loaded into each Stylus instance. Then
    you can route the sounds to Auxes in the Logic mixer.

    The AudioInstrument faders in the Logic mixer affect
    the entire Stylus, but the Aux' faders are
    independent. So you can "trim" and perform using MIDI
    cc11, (or any other continous control) but set the
    overall level, pan, etc for everything assigned to an
    output by using the Aux faders."

    I hope this helps...

    Brad Pearson
    THG Music
    Spokane WA

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