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Topic: Cheer up, you guys

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    Cheer up, you guys

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    It's not as bad as it seems. The media thrives on conflict and bad news, but it doesn't paint any real picture. I just don't think there is THAT much of a difference between Dems and Republicans.

    The Republicans don't have any monopoly on fear mongering. I cite the economy, the draft, "tax cuts for the rich", and theocracy as examples. The economy just isn't as bad as it's been reported. The draft - I don't think it will happen but it would have about an equal chance no matter who won the election. Tax cuts for the rich - one of those slogans that is patently untrue. And theocracy - ain't going to happen.

    Regarding Iraq, was John Kerry really going to do anything much different?

    Just look at the various conflicts around the world. It's a great mechanism for keeping people emotional and involved.

    Step back a bit and have a good look. All this crap is being fueled. Don't fall for it.

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    Re: Cheer up, you guys

    Creating history! (Adviser Rove, when recently asked about
    situation in Iraq). That's right from Goebbels diaries.

    Yup, there's plenty to be worried about.

    True, the platforms weren't all that different on the surface, but the METHODS sure are.

    The Dummy and his cohorts are proven liars, cheats, war profiteers, and in view of the 100,000 mostly civilian dead in Iraq--war criminals.

    They deserved to be thrown out, at the very least.

    But, yup, they ran a sleezy but smart campaign. No question there.


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    Re: Cheer up, you guys

    And theocracy - ain't going to happen.
    It's here.

    But as a friend of mine quoted someone else as saying: "This too shall pass. I know, I've had kidney stones."

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    Re: Cheer up, you guys

    [QUOTE=Nick Batzdorf]It's here.

    Oh Jeez! What's next?
    These damn religious types are going to force us at gunpoint to attend church on Sunday and contribute to the collection plate?

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    Re: Cheer up, you guys

    No. They're start by forcing all to do choir practice on Wednesday evenings, and then sit in the choir loft twice Sundays. I've been there (before my voice cracked) and it's pure torture.


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    Re: Cheer up, you guys

    These pricks have already infiltrated the FCC (using Janet Jackson's breast), and they're working on abortion rights. Injustice Scalia already believes that the separation between church and state isn't in the constitution, and the Supreme Court is going to be stacked with more of the same detritus.

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    Re: Cheer up, you guys

    Rove is an evil genius, working through the churches...

    ... but I don't believe the numbers anyway. I think the whole thing was rigged. I also believe that I have good, non-partisan reasons for thinking so, but won't get into that right now.

    If there is a silver lining in the cloud, it's Barack Obama.

    But I'm still too viscerally angry to talk about this stuff.

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