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Topic: small ones

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    Re: small ones


    very good compositions...just one thing regarding orchestration , on "An easy task" one or more flutes playing in octaves with the piccolo would work better...my point of view...
    ...there´s also some things that didn´t please me on the EQ...but I never comment about it...ciao!!!
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    Re: small ones


    Gave them a listen. Compositionally they're nice.. different that what I normally gravitate to, but I enjoyed listening to them. I feel I know you better because of it. I think I liked the Waltz the best out of the three. I would agree with Leo that a few spots didn't please me in regards to eq, but as you and I know, that probably boils down to 'taste'... I now you like it darker more muted than I.... no biggie.



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    Re: small ones

    Quote Originally Posted by Lux


    Nice work indeed. Come on man - give us the gritty details on libs used (thought I heard those wonderful VSL ww's). Really liked the gliss clarinet on the biggie waltz. All were really good, but I agree with Kid, the Waltz is a 'stand-out'. Nice orchestration and thematic developement. Who did "kindergarten cop" (T. Newman???) - sounds like him - or he sounds like you .

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    Re: small ones

    thanks for your replies.

    Leo: thanks. About the flutes playing with piccolo, they are there already, but i'm afraid they loosed in the mix because the piccolo is too high.
    Yeah, some eq issues are due to my mixes with headphones, i'm working to fix that for future releases.

    Kid: Yes, you know more about what i like ...i said to you that my comments to your mix are mainly due to my "darkish" preference.

    Rob, many thanks for the nice words. About libraries used:

    - SISS mini
    - EWQL Silver strings and percussions
    - Advanced orchestra woodwinds
    - Sam Solo session brass for all brass sounds
    - Various percussions, from Silver and from old Sam's stuff, plus a xsample celesta.

    Sadly I dont own VSL or other major libs, most of my works are done with "lite" libs. Also the clarinet glissando is the one included in AO.

    I'm sure "kindergarten cop" sounds like me ...I have T Newman out of my window in Italy every day asking me for some music...



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    Re: small ones

    Hi Luca, really nice compositions! and I definitely think they carry your signature sound, as always, I think you are orchestrating better on each piece you write, and I specially love the colours in " a mask in the dark",... there's only at the end a slight problem with rythm in the percussion, at 1.02 or 1.03, but it's almost unnoticeable, I'm just telling if I may because I know how perfect you like music to be and I think this piece could suit into a demo cd very well



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    Re: small ones

    Enjoyed them!

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    Re: small ones

    Great work, as usual, Luca.

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    Re: small ones

    Many yhanks Ivàn, Polar and Ned.

    Ivan, well...you know...youre absolutely right...I honestly use to be very shabby on endings. I guess I got to take more care of them as of the other parts of the pieces.


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    Thumbs up Re: small ones

    Very nice! I enjoyed listening.
    I like biggie_waltz most.

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