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Topic: Joy to the World

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    Joy to the World

    Hi all

    The composer Michael Starke has given me permission to try his composition based on Joy To The World, with GPO. His composition is really fantastic and I've tried my best to do it well with GPO, but my skills are limited. Any comments will be welcome.

    Hope you enjoy it though.




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    Re: Joy to the World

    Nice work! The orchestration starts out kind of plain, though, and there's not too much percussion (though that's not a bad thing, I guess!), but this probably has to do with Michael Stark's decisions when composing?

    However, besides that, it's beautiful piece! So much counterpoint and countermelody, I could never compose like that! I especially like the ending. (Not because that's when it's over . . . . . . but because it sounds really good!) Thanks for sharing, gotta love that GPO harpsichord!
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    Overall very nice baroque feeling in it, though there were some points which were little strange and probably wouldn't been done by baroque composers.
    Just for a little example, the timpani part was not convincing - then I mean stylistically.

    But I had fun to listen to the arrangement and it was quite good.

    Now Louis, you did a very fine job on the programming however I find the mix too dry. Always when I listen to hymns and you know religious pieces then I expect a cathedral acoustic or at least church acoustic.

    Keep up the good work you both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    and there's not too much percussion (though that's not a bad thing, I guess!),
    Heeeeyyyyyy, I resent that statement!

    I liked this a lot! This is a nice arrangement one I've never heard before. Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Joy to the World

    Wow...this piece really shows off the woodwinds (in my opinion) and just flat out demonstrates (again!) how versatile this GPO library is. I would have NEVER thought to do the woodwinds that way and yet they just totally add to the piece.

    Thanks for opening my mind yet once more!!

    Now I gotta get downstairs and get mine done. Heh.
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