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Topic: CD-Key

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    Red face CD-Key

    OK, I got my upgrade from 2.5 to 3 from Thomann. I understood from what I've read at this forum, that the distributor should then e-mail me a CD-key.

    So I e-mailed Thomann to ask for one. After 3 weeks and a lot of e-mails I finally got a response, telling me that I would only be able to get the CD-key from Tascam. They said if I went to the registration page and entered the CD-key of my version 2.5, Tascam would send me a coupon code, which I should then enter to get a CD-key.

    Now it may be me being stupid, but I thought coupons were for when you get a competitive upgrade, which mine wasn't. And if you go to the official Gigastudio site, you actually need to enter the CD-key of your old version AND a coupon code to get a new CD-key, so I presume a coupon code is something I would already have received inside the package if it had been a competitive upgrade.

    The problem is I've now had GS3 for the best part of a month, and I can't even install it. I can't see an obvious place at any of the Tascam sites to request a CD-key, and it certainly doesn't seem like I'm going to get any sense out of Thomann.

    Am I just being stupid? Are Thomann right? Have I missed something obvious. I haven't noticed anyone else having such a problem with this, so I can only assume it's me. Please can anyone help? How do I get my CD-key?

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    Re: CD-Key

    Pick up the phone. Call tascam.

    Its the only way.

    Everything else is futile

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    Re: CD-Key


    I just went through the registration process. Go to www.tascamgiga.com and click on register and then choose the competitive upgrade path. In the list of competitive upgrade products you will see listed Tascam Gigasampler and Tascam Gigastudio. Pick one and enter your old Gigastudio key. They will email you a new code for registration of GS3. It only took a few hours.

    Also, if you can call, they will do it right there over the phone.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: CD-Key

    Terry - thanks but it doesn't seem to be as simple as that...

    Having the same problem here - I tried online as you suggested but as Pingu said you need a coupon code aswell as your original CD key.


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    Re: CD-Key


    I received a coupon code with GS3. I ordered from MLTC.Net. Yes, you do have to exchange the coupon code for a registration code. My coupon code was on the front of the box.

    Sorry for the confusion.


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    Re: CD-Key

    hmmm.... no coupon code here - got mine from Thomann too.

    Just a sticker that says UGTOGS30 and barcode on the box. Will phone Tascam and see what they say.


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    Re: CD-Key

    I too ordered from MTLC.net (actually House of Samples, but it's almost the same company) and the CD key started with 730C. When I called Tascam to register the woman I spoke with said, "Hmmmm" when I told her that. What escaped me until a few moments later was that the registration document that GigaStudio produced had a CD key that started with 730R Using that key everything worked fine and now I'm a registered Gigastudio 3 owner.

    I hope that works for you.


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    Re: CD-Key

    The coupon code sticker was on the front of the DVD case. It starts with 730C for coupon. Sounds like it was left out by your supplier.

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    Re: CD-Key

    I had exactly the same experience as you, and I find it absurd that Tascam uses such a system when their support is so poor. After seven e-mails, a fax and a phone call, the three e-mails they chose to respond to insisted that there should be a coupon code in the box ... so I put the onus onto my supplier to figure it out - I figured they might have more influence than me. They contacted our (Australian) distributor who called me and had the coupon code the next day. From there on, the registration was pretty painless. Good luck.

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    Smile Re: CD-Key

    Problem sorted!! Yea!!

    I did phone Tascam support, who said that either a coupon code or a CD-key should have been inside the package, and that it was the distributor's responsibility. So I went back to Thomann and explained that the ball was definitely in their court.

    They investigated throught their Teac.de contact, and it turned out that a few American copies had been sent onto the European market by mistake (I think Americans had a different system for getting their CD-key since they were upgrading straight from the Tascam shop). So Teac.de provided them with a CD-key for me.

    I haven't installed GS yet, since my machine is currently dead, but I have used the 'Register without installing' option, and got an e-mail telling me I now have access to update downloads and tech support, so I presume the CD-key was genuine.

    Much happier now.

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