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Topic: Vibrato clarinet?

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    Vibrato clarinet?

    I'm in the middle of doing some Glenn Miller tracks, and I really need a vibrato clarinet as it's central to his sound. I can't seem to find any libraries that do this - any ideas?

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    Re: Vibrato clarinet?

    Which sampler you are running?
    In any case, you can try C1 Modulation. You can draw envelops using this controller.
    If your sample is not reacting to C1, you can get into editing (GS3) and change LFO Pitch Internal and External values. You can in GS3 assign midi controllers to this values also.

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    Re: Vibrato clarinet?

    Mr. Acker Bilk?

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    Re: Vibrato clarinet?


    "Sustains without Vibrato (p-mf-f-ff)

    Sustains with Vibrato (p-mf)"


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    Re: Vibrato clarinet?

    With the latest GPO Updates, there is a solo clarinet that has real-time controllable vibrato.

    Gary Garritan

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