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Topic: NEWS: Broward machines count backward

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    NEWS: Broward machines count backward

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    Friday, November 05, 2004

    FORT LAUDERDALE — It had to happen. Things were just going too smoothly.

    Early Thursday, as Broward County elections officials wrapped up after a long day of canvassing votes, something unusual caught their eye. Tallies should go up as more votes are counted. That's simple math. But in some races, the numbers had gone . . . down.

    Officials found the software used in Broward can handle only 32,000 votes per precinct. After that, the system starts counting backward.

    more: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/politic...VOTE_1105.html
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: NEWS: Broward machines count backward

    You forgot the part that said:

    "Bad numbers showed up only in running tallies through the day, not the final one. Final tallies were reached by cross-checking machine totals, and officials are confident they are accurate."


    "They affected only votes for constitutional amendments 4 through 8, because they were on the only page that was exactly the same on all county absentee ballots."

    So where are you going with this? Are you TRYING to divide Americans? Are you TRYING to be a party to fostering ill-will?

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    Re: NEWS: Broward machines count backward

    Dude.. I didn't forget anything. It's good practice to just post the first couple paragraphs and then provide a link to prevent spamming.

    Relax, stop being paranoid. I'm not a distorter of information like the radical right. I'm conveying facts.
    Sam Hulick

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