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Topic: GPO and Stormdrum

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    GPO and Stormdrum

    Well I just got Stormdrum. Cool program!

    This 70 second demo features GPO and Stormdrum in an "Arabesque" entitled: "Pyramids"

    (lousy title, I know)

    I used:
    GPO (4 voices)
    Storm Drum
    Percussive Adventures
    1 String Patch from my Triton Studio
    Hall Reverb from my 01v96 Mixer
    Waves Plugs for mastering


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    Re: GPO and Stormdrum


    Wow....my heart rate just went back to normal....

    Great job! Sounds like it would be a cool backing track to some action-oriented stuff.

    I am constantly amazed at the sheer quality and diversity of all of you people.

    Cool ending too..made me slobber for more!
    Kevin B. Selby
    http://kevinselby.com <-- Public site
    http://kevinselby.com/gpo <--My music catalog FREE to GPO users: username: gpo - pword: garritan

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    Re: GPO and Stormdrum

    Thanks for the nice comments Kevin. I actually was trying to make an "Action" piece to put on a demo CD. Glad to hear you think it fits the bill.


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