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Topic: MOL CP2 Logic 5.51PC

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    Question MOL CP2 Logic 5.51PC

    Hey guys, I'm a long time user of the MOL original software and have since updated to GS3... I've downloaded MOL CP2 which seems to integrate perfectly with GS3 now, but if I enable "Netport xx" and hit a note, Logic 5.51 midi activity goes haywire and locks up my PC... I know I'd love to get a Mac and go to Logic 7 but the $$ aren't available right now... Has anyone used MOL CP2 successfully with Logic 5.51 on a PC??? I've left an email with Musiclab's tech support and on their forum without a response yet...
    Any help would be muchly appreciated..

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    Unhappy Re: MOL CP2 Logic 5.51PC

    Bumpy, Bump!

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