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Topic: Echo Layla and Gina

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    Echo Layla and Gina

    This may seem like a stupid question because it's easy for me to look at the specifications of each, but can someone please clarify what the major differences are between the new Echo Gina 3g and the Layla 3g? For some reason I am not making much sense of it. Thank you.

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    Re: Echo Layla and Gina

    Well the main ones would be:

    Gina 3g has two XLR inputs and 6 1/4" outputs

    Layla 3G has two XLR inputs, 6 1/4" ones and 8 1/4" outputs.


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    Re: Echo Layla and Gina

    Thanks...I noticed the differences between inputs/outputs, but I didn't know if there were any differences between them like sound quality, major features, etc.

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    Re: Echo Layla and Gina

    i'm planning to buy buy a gina 3g after aardvark lx6 problems.
    any one could share experiences with this news model sound card by echo?
    thank you

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    Re: Echo Layla and Gina

    I can't speak for Gina 3G, but I'm really satisfied with my two Layla3G's. I've been pushing them hard during the past few weeks tracking a number or 32 channel 3-hour conserts. Not a single problem or glitch so far. The drivers are solid too. I'm using WDM drivers in Sonar 3 for the task, but I tested the ASIO drivers as well and they seemed to work just as good.


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    Re: Echo Layla and Gina

    I'm new to PC's....I thought it was a given to be able to run my DVD/CD player through the Gina 3G ....I guess I'm use to the way things are with my Mac setup ... Anyway, I lost use of my sounds control panel in Window's, but I am able to record and playback with Gina with the included Tracktion sequencer software... The sound is VERY good indeed....No drop outs, and the drivers seem very solid.....Next test will be Giga 3.... Jim

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