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Topic: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

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    X-Custom Flash Tutorial


    Here's a 'beta' introduction/tutorial to using the X-Custom instruments in Garritan Personal Orchestra. It is an interactive walkthrough on how to load and configure the X-Custom instruments.

    Using the X-Custom Instruments: A Flash Tutorial

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Note: You must have Macromedia Flash Player installed to view this tutorial. Also, to follow along at home, you must have the X-Custom library installed on your PC.

    Look out for more of these in the future!

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    Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

    How do you get to step two? EJ

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    Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

    Follow the on screen instructions. You will need to follow the directions displayed on screen to go to the next step. The first set of instructions says to load the Flute Solo V patch... Then step two will display.

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    Amazing work! This interactive tutorial will sure make it easier to navigate and learn about this addition to the GPO library. Thanks for doing this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

    Wow, that is a slick, well-designed tutorial.

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    Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

    Thanks for the kind words, I just hope someone finds it helpful. And if anyone has any suggestions for other Flash tutorials, I'm game as long as they fall within the bounds of what is doable. Shoot me a note or something if any of you guys can come up with other tutorials that would benefit new or existing users of the library.

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    Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

    What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for all the time you spent doing it for our benefit, it's very kind of you.

    Kind regards


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    Question Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

    Thank you very much for your very nice tutrial. It helps a lot.

    X-Custom is a function I have waited and I believe it will increase data's portability.

    FYI, using X-Custom, I found that, for from Vln 1 to Contrabass, KS SUS+Short, the sensitivity setting of the dynamics, either velocity or CC11, could not be saved. I think even they do not effect at all.

    Dell 8200 Pen 4, 2.2 GHz 2 GB RAM
    Windows XP

    I reported this to the support forum and already Mr. Tom Hopkins is kindly taking care of it.

    Jun Yamamoto
    Tokyo, Japan

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    Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial


    You are a tutorial writing monster. Very excellent, indeed.

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

    "The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead." - Igor Stravinsky

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    Re: X-Custom Flash Tutorial

    Question to those that have seen this tutorial...

    It has come to my attention that everyone is used to instruction tutorials rather than interactive. So my questions to you are as follows:

    Was it hard to use?
    Where the instructions clear?
    Was it intuative (meaning did you know what to do)?
    Would you like more of these type of tutorials?
    Would you rather see the program do it without your interaction?

    Any other responses would be helpful.

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