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Topic: Syd Possible in New York

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    Syd Possible in New York

    I just got the KH solo string library today and was having a bit of fun with it. I thought I'd post a file that is a little bit off-centre and see what people think.


    all feedback welcome. (I hope this the right place to post this)

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    Re: Syd Possible in New York

    Thanks for sharing this Fictionmusic

    Strange composition you have made man ! first time i hear a Strings/drums work . Very experimental -> I like . ( listening to it for 3rd time in a row now... getting more used to the harmonies )

    The strings sound very good -> vibrato is deep , samples are clear and expressive , looks like you made a good buy .

    Keep it up amigo
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Syd Possible in New York

    Thanks! Yah I think I did make a good buy too.
    I was thinking Frank Zappa's Studio Tan album's ambience and feel as soon as I heard the sample of the violin gliss.

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    Smile Re: Syd Possible in New York

    Very Interesting compilation - combining rock style drums with orchestral string instruments.

    I also just ordered the KH solo strings (with the special price they were running for last month -$150 -WOW). The should complement my EWQL gold library.

    Just curious, do you use Gigastudio, Kontakt or Halion. for your sampler. What sequencer did you use. Did you run into any issues with anything.

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    Re: Syd Possible in New York

    I use Logic 7 and it's EX -24 sampler. I didn't run in to any problems converting from Giga files once I read a couple of posts from this thread


    where the issue of mapping MW regions was addressed. The library kicks ~~~!

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    Re: Syd Possible in New York

    Ok, that's good to know

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    Re: Syd Possible in New York

    Very interesting .....It sort of reminds me of some of the early Led Zeplin arra ngements..........Jim

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