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Topic: new "possible" user question :)

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    new "possible" user question :)

    Hi friends. Since time ago i have been thinking in buy GPO (im using currently now soundfonts, some free, some purchased). The point is that im running a "old" computer (PIII 300mhz, 256mb memory, w98se and a sblive).
    Im asking some advice about this:
    -What is the "minimum" requirmentes to run GPO (what OS, amount of memory and processor power, what kind of drivers for the sound cards) thinking i cant afford a big upgrade.
    -What is the recommended requirmentes to run comfortably GPO (in case i win the lotto )
    Thanks your answers,

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    Re: new "possible" user question :)

    I would say any Pentium 4 or Athlon equivalent processor (maybe 2.4 Ghz.) I have run it on a 1 Ghz Pentium 3 and I did okay.

    Memory, at least 512 MB to start with. This will probably be your biggest hurdle. Go with 1 Gb if you can.

    Sound card, I'd recommend an M-audio Audiophile 24/96 which just dropped to 99 bucks and is well worth it (if you can still find it for this price.)

    To run without even thinking about ram issues or polyphony?

    A 2.8 Ghz processor (or better), 2 Gb of ram, and a decent ASIO soundcard.

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    Re: new "possible" user question :)

    Big Thanks.

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    Re: new "possible" user question :)

    I would buy the thing, its sensitively put together and its a real nice environment to work in. You get plenty of choices within each type of sound and you get representation from all parts of the orchestra - thats great. Its a little mini world in the sampling universe with everytyhing orchestral represented well. Feels like home to me

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