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Topic: Votergate Movie

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    Votergate Movie

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    About 40 minutes long. Give it a watch.


    The recent Thom Hartmann article refers to this movie.

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    Re: Votergate Movie

    although much the information is compelling , and it raises some serious questions, there are some problems with this:
    poorly produced, the security info should be at the top, upbeat music doesn't work at all. duplicate soundbites, way too long. the title suggest partisan conclusion. they should hire a real producer and do some serious reaseach on this IE would make a good nightline.
    thanks for the link

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    Re: Votergate Movie

    Much agreed Mike!

    It's actually I how I feel about much of Greg Palast's writing and a lot of the "Left/Liberal" Whateveryoucallit kind of writing.

    There is much that is compelling just not packaged well.

    It certainly makes it harder to send to family and friends when it doesn't have the pro sheen/style.

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