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Topic: KHSS - Kontakt success!

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    Thumbs up KHSS - Kontakt success!

    I just installed KHSS & using Kontakt conversion, batch converted Giga files to .NKI & all seems to be working fine.

    While I'm new to KHSS & not up on all of it's featrures, the patches paly well.

    Now, I need to learn how to actually put all of these things to work. How does anyone use the different patches? What are favorites for what purposes? How can I check whether the MW &/or Key Switching works? Beginner questions I know. I'm excited & impressed & want to get going. Any help?


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    Cool Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    Hi Ricky B.

    I am new to Kontakt as well as KHSS. I just got KHSS a week ago.

    Sorry, I do not have answers to any of your question. I am much newer to this than you are. May be you can help me out.

    I am unsuccessful in getting the KHSS gig files to load up in Kontakt. I opened kontakt and ran the giga converter. It took like 30 minutes to do all the conversion (So i thought), but I have no Idea where it put it.

    How do I go about converting the .gig file to .nki files. I cannot find any documentations on this.

    I would appreciate any help here

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    Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    This what I did.

    Originally Posted by Rich PellGiga converting is easy and straightforward..

    1)In the Kontakt browser,locate the main giga folder where your sub folders with the gig files are placed (e.g in VSL this would be "01 Violin Ens.-14)
    2)Left click (highlight it)
    3) Choose GigaPatch convertion from the Tools menu
    4) Kontakt will show u the destination directory and ask u to choose which folder u want the gig patchs and samples to be converted into .nki`s to
    5) sit back,leter rip and enjoy those progress bars...
    6) Go to the destination folder that u picked and load in the newly converted .nki `sYou`ve probably already discovered this by now so this post will be obvious and redundant but...wahtever..have a good weekend, Rich

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    Smile Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    Thanks Ricky B for you help

    I was finally able to get it translated successfully. It took really long thought.

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    Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    Yeah, but worth it. Glad it worked for you.

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    Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    A good way to get started is just to sequence a single melody line, maybe one that you can compare to a recording and try to match it. Experiment with the different articulations until you have reached a "close to the real thing" sound with this library.

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    Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    Hey, thanks for the input. What I'm not sure of is how to load the different articulations. I've heard of groups but don't know how it works. I will admit I haven't checked the Kontakt manual on this yet! And with keyswtching or md, what are the keys that do the switching & how does the switch access the correct articulation? There's not much info with the KHSS cd as afar as this is concerned.


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    Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    Actually, there's lots of info but it's listed in different files from the KHSS disks

    Here's some examples for Solo Violins1


    MODWHEEL 8 velocity layers switched by Mod Wheel


    •0 BRITE with 8 or 16 Velocity Layers!......(The instruments below have 8 velocity layers.)

    •1 SoloVln Mw = Det/Mrc/HrdSus/Esp - 4 dimensions, (each with 8 velocity layers) switched by Mod Wheel:
    1)detache, 2)marcato, 3)hard attacks, 4)espressivo.


    •11 KeySwitched...... switched by Keys C1 through D#1
    (The instruments below have 8 velocity layers.)

    •12 SoloVln K = Det/Mrc/HrdSus/Esp - 4 dimensions, (each with 8 velocity layers) switched by Keys C1 through D#1:
    1)detache, 2)marcato, 3)hard attacks, 4)espressivo.

    check out ALL the txt files and you'll find the info


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    Re: KHSS - Kontakt success!

    Many thanks Fred. I will do that.

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