Dear All,

Post Musical Instruments is pleased to start the OLD LADY Group Buy.

Below are the terms and conditions.

Start: November 6, 2004
Duration: 1 month. It ends on December 6, 2004
Product: OLD LADY grand piano library (GigaStudio 2+3 DVD or Kontakt DVD or Halion DVD or EXS24 DVD)
Delivery: free shipping worldwide

* to join the Group Buy it is necessary to pay an entry fee of $80.00 USD which is the minimum amount the product will cost you;
* If 81 buyers or more are reached, you will need no additional payment;
* The final payment will be the difference between the entry fee and the final price. The final price is shown on the table below and depends on the amount of buyers that will take part in the Group Buy;
* By paying the entry fee, you agree to wait until December 6th to receive a link for the final payment. Only after we receive this payment, we will send the product;
* Both the entry fee and the final payment constitute a purchase. We will not issue any refund.
* You can download, install, and try the demo version of the Old Lady before ordering and you can find lots of audio demos there too.

The current original price of the product is $200 USD.

An example:
Imagine we have reached only 25 buyers: the discount would be 40% and the final price (entry fee + final payment) would be $120.00 USD, so the final payment due would be $40.00 USD.

We will daily post on this thread in the sampling library discussion section reporting the number of actually participating buyers, the current discount and the price.
Therefore you can just follow that thread and place your order when the price is right for you or enter immediately and increase the chances that more people will follow.

To join the Group Buy and pay your entry fee, click the next link:


(All transactions are transmitted securely through SSL)

If you have any questions or doubts, please post them here.
Best regards,
Michiel Post
Creative Director

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Date: Nov-7-04
Number of subscriptions: 13
Current Price: $ 140,-
Days left: 29 days