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Topic: Master FX possible in GS3?

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    Master FX possible in GS3?

    If I want to put some gentle peak limiting or eq across a whole mix, is it possible in GS3? - I notice there are no FX insert slots on the main outs, and if I have audio going pre-fader (as recommended in the GS3 manual) to GigaPulse reverb on aux buses, the aux buses can only be routed to main outs and not a group where they could be effected. Is there a workaround? Should aux buses be able to be routed elsewhere (is this a bug or oversight?) or should I lobby Tascam for inserts on the main outs?

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    Re: Master FX possible in GS3?

    I guess you’ll have to lobby...

    However, this requirement seems relevant on two conditions :
    1) To use only GS, and nothing else, in your sequencer.
    2) To use only 1 GS.

    Otherwise, you’ll need to apply your master effect(s) in your sequencer, and not in GS.

    Am I wrong ?

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    Re: Master FX possible in GS3?

    Yes, you're right, I could certainly apply the effects in my sequencer, although since I use a mac to sequence and a PC for GS3, I was hoping to exploit some of my PC-only vst effects which I cannot use on the mac. Looks like I'd better lobby.

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