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Topic: East west quantum leap Gold strings demo

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    East west quantum leap Gold strings demo

    I've seen many people question the Gold strings, and their
    flexibility. I've seen people asking for demos of fast string
    Well, i put together a little chamber type of demo.

    ITs all Gold strings, with no processing at all. Straight from

    Its my own composition. I used 5 articulations for the Violins (11)
    2 articulations each for Viola, Cello, and Contrabass.


    Its not the best, but i hope it answers some questions for those
    who are doubtful of the Gold strings. I think they rock....


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    Re: East west quantum leap Gold strings demo

    Thanks man. I really enjoyed that. Strings sound very good! Just need to tighten up the programming a bit on the trills. Nice work. Keep 'em coming.

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    Re: East west quantum leap Gold strings demo

    Thanks man! Ive heard people say Quantum Leap orchs
    are mainy geared toward Hollywood type stuff, but i think
    its more flexible than people may think.

    I think Gold is definatly one of the best all in one packages under
    a thousand bucks for sure.

    GPO is also an excellent tool for the pricepoint...
    Rock n roll!


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