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Topic: Help me understand

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    Help me understand

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    Ok, since Dems are being accused over and over of being out of touch, I would like for someone to explain why I should like Bush.

    First, a recap about his past 4 years:

    1. He has generally pissed off most of the civilized nations by showing arrogance, an unwillingness to listen to anyone's points, and a total disregard for other countries' environmental issues.

    2. He has attacked a country who had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11 and who was in no position to pose any real threats to the US for the foreseeable future.

    3. He has not managed to even come close to capturing the mastermind behind those attacks. (let's ponder this one for just a second, the mighty US Army against one dude hiding in caves, 4 years later Osama-1 USA-0).

    4. Has has managed to lower taxes for the weathiest people in the US. The tax breaks that the average American has received has been greatly offset by the increase in living costs from gas to food to health insurance.

    5. He has allowed a ban against military grade weapons sold to people to expire unchallenged.

    6. He continues to deny any fault or mistakes made by his administration.

    7. Now he even refuses to answer follow-up questions from reporters (as if he wasn't already non-communicative with the public).

    I am sure that I missed many more, but let's start with those points. Can one of the several Bush supporters on this forum care to explain in detail why I should change my views on this president based on the above points? Please, if you're going to say that the above points are not true, explain how you have arrived at this conclusion.

    I honestly just want to try and understand your point of view.
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    Re: Help me understand

    I won't debate any of the other issues you mentioned, but I would like to respectfully point out that statement number 5 is entirely not correct. I think a quote from one of my previous posts explains it best. I don't normally go in to detail about things in politics that I don't have much information on, but this is something that I do know about. I hope this helps: Thanks

    "FYI guys, since I'm pretty much alone in here also... You could legally purchase an "assault weapon" before the ban ended. The ban just made it so you couldn't have more than 2 combinations of certain items on the rifle, such as bayonet lugs, folding stocks, etc. You could buy them if they were made before the ban. It also banned any more production of high capacity magazines, although it was still legal to buy them during the ban as long as they were made before then.
    My sister works in a children's Hospital in a large city and sees many injuries caused by stupid people with guns. She doesn't, however, see any school shootings where someone was stabbed with the bayonet, the folding stock, shot by the grenade launcher, "flashed" by the muzzle flash hider, etc. She also is well aware, as everybody should be, that idiot people with handguns are the ones that do the crime, not people with "assault weapons".
    Incidentally, the end of the ban DOES NOT allow fully automatic weapons like most "anti-gun" people assume. It changes nothing about that law. Crime was not and will not be affected by the ban/end of the ban, for the above obvious reasons."

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    Re: Help me understand

    I might add,
    It was a senate responsiblity to make or renew such bills...not the presidents.

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    Re: Help me understand

    Quote Originally Posted by dcornutt
    I might add,
    It was a senate responsiblity to make or renew such bills...not the presidents.
    Come on, all it would have taken was a few phone calls from Bush and that banned would have been renewed. Let's knock off the disingenuous b.s., okay?

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