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Topic: Click in modwheel

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    Click in modwheel

    Hi Tom (or anyone who can help me),

    I've got a problem using my modwheel. Say it's from 0% till 100% (just to explain). At about 20% there's a click when I pass it and the sound reenforces much more than in the beginning. So I find it quite hard to master the modwheel because it's not lineair (is that the word, I'm crap in maths...). Is there any way to work around this and to solve the click problem. I have a Oxygen 8 by M-audio linked to a Deltaphile Audiophile M-Audio soundcard in a Pentium IV 2,8 GHz computer, 512 DDR RAM.

    Regards, Peter

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    Re: Click in modwheel


    While there is a change in sound as layers are introduced (normal behavior), there should be no clicks at transition points between layers. I always double-check on questions like this and I confirmed that my system exhibits no clicks at the 20% mark (or anyplace else).

    Try recording gradually increasing mod wheel data from the Oxygen8 to a MIDI track in your sequencer. Examine the data to see if there is a jump in data (skipping a group of values) around the 20-30 area which might indicate a mod wheel hardware problem. If things are working correctly you should see a smooth, relatively continuous increase in data values across the entire range from 0 to 127. Mod wheels vary in how smoothly they generate changing data. As a point of comparison, enter a note that sustains over several bars into a sequencer MIDI track and draw (in your sequencer's graphic controller window) a perfectly smooth diagonal increase in values from 0 to 127. Use the straight line drawing tool to create this crescendo. See if you still hear a click at the 20% point. Now, if all is working correctly, you should hear a reasonably smooth crescendo and no clicks. All of this is just trying to narrow down the source of your problem. If you continue to have difficulty you may wish to call Gary for personal tech support.


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    Re: Click in modwheel

    Hi Tom,

    I tried what you said. When I manually draw a straight line into my logic Arranging window, I don't hear clicks.
    But what I found is that the beginning of my modwheel doesn't react. E.g. When I listen to strings and gradually move the modwheel from totally down to totally up, it only start responding at +/- 1 fifth of the wheel, as if only 4/5 is there for me to use. When it starts responding, and i look back to what I recorded in Logic, it starts a 2.
    Does this make sense to you>?

    By the way, how did you make those lovely left hands tremolo (not the bowed tremolo) in the end of one of you demonstration demo's on the GOS website?

    Regards, Peter

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    Re: Click in modwheel


    Sounds like you may have a mod wheel malfunction here. You may want to seek servicing for the Oxygen8.

    Which demo are you referring to? The Opening Theme? It has a crescendo-diminuendo tremolo at the end but it is section strings and you seem to be saying "not that."


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    Re: Click in modwheel

    Tom, Although I haven't experience the clicks, I have experienced the sound reenforcing much more than at the beginning (actually more at the midway point) of the modulation sweep. However, and I don't have my keyboard in front of me, this does not appear with all instruments. I actually thought that this was a problem with my wheel and it just may be but thought you should know.

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    Re: Click in modwheel

    Hi Styxx,

    I think i have kind of the same thing. It's always very hard to describe, but it has to do with the sudden increase in sound enforcement which bothers me an makes it hard for me to really control the modulation wheel.

    Thanks, Peter

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