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Topic: Saving GigaStudio3 Perfomance Files

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    Saving GigaStudio3 Perfomance Files


    I work for a company that uses GigaStudio3 in its product.
    For each of our products we create a unique GSP file with common instruments but different volume settings and channel outputs.
    We use the "Expression" MIDI controller setting for the volume.

    Each GSP file is saved and restored with GigaStudio when our product is started. Previously we used GigaStudio2 (160) and experienced no problems -the GSP file restored correclty with all settings as they were saved.

    We are now looking into using GigaStudio3 but have found that when the GSP file is restored all the volume controllers are reverted to "volume" and the volume levels set to default values.

    we ahve tried saving as a default a GSP file with the MIDI controller set to "expression" but this has not cured the problem.

    Can anyone offer advice?


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    Re: Saving GigaStudio3 Perfomance Files

    If you click on the little triangle beside the Volume, you can select to look at the setting of any of the controls. Your C11 setting should be the same as it was when you saved the file. If not, and as you are saying that Volume is reset also to default C7, I suspect that your setting for C11 is set at 127 in the saved performance.
    Which srquencer are you running? In Cakewalk,Sonar and HomeStudio in options/project/Midi Out you should see a setting: Zero controllers when play stops. If it is selected, as it is the default setting, then your settings will reset to default in GS3 too. Uncheck this before saving your performance. Actually, since this happened to me too often and I also use the same tamplet most of the time, I made sure I have this "zero controllers" in the tamplet unchecked, saved it as a tamplet and this way I do not have to beat myself silly for forgetting it again and again.


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