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Topic: Question for Markus_S. Please see your private message.

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    Question Question for Markus_S. Please see your private message.

    re Post Harpsichord.

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    Re: Question for Markus_S. Please see your private message.

    Hi John,
    How can I bring up the sound for the French Plectrum (release) sound. I don't really understand how to change these values. Any help would be much appreciated.
    The overall volume of the plectrum (release) samples in the Post Harpsichords is programmed to be controlled by the modulation wheel. Midi cc#1.
    If cc #1 =0 the release samples are max. if cc#1=127 they are silent.
    If your master keyboard has no mod wheel chances are that the mod wheel value is randomly set or defaults to 127.
    In this case you need to manually set the mod wheel to 0 in order to hear the release samples. In GigaStudio you can open the midi control mixer and select the fader of the midi channel where the French Harpsichord is loaded to Mod Wheel. When you select the fader and change it from Volume to Mod Wheel it will reflect the current status of your midi cc#1 value. Just set 0 and the release samples should show up.

    To overcome this procedure every time you load the Harpsichord samples with a midi setup with the above problem you can also open the instrument in the editor and remove the midi cc#1 control over the release layer amplitude.
    Simply select all regions, select the release layer ONLY and go to the amp tab. De-select the amplitude modulation value, click apply (make sure äpply to all regions" is selected) and save the gig file.
    If you have problems performing this edit let me know which version of the Harpsichords you have and I'll make the changes and save the articluation file for it.

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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