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Topic: Kontakt and realtime pedal down controled convolution

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    Wink Kontakt and realtime pedal down controled convolution (no GS3 needed)

    Well I did it! With my Cubase SL, kontakt, only pedal up and release samples of the Emperor, and a non calibrated IR (ie a non piano specific IR), I obtained an emulation of pedal down.

    See a quick made mp3 demo (no FX added) at http://jazzphoton.free.fr/Demos%20mp...kontakt+IR.mp3

    I exagerated the use and non use of sustain pedal to really hear the differences. It's quite good, but I should spend more time to calibrate the IR and use a piano specific IR and the result should be better.

    To do this (I'll try to translate in english as my Cubase SL is only FR), I assigned an IR (only wet) to send FX1 of the kontakt 1&2 channels, I created in "peripheric/peripheric settings" a "generic peripheric" and I assigned CC64 to Fader 1, and assigned Fader 1 to "VST mixer/kontakt1&2/sendFX1/volume" (I assigned the IR to send 1). So I created a realtime by sustain pedal controled send volume to the IR. And I can adjust the level of resonance by adjusting FX1 level.

    What I really appreciate in this is that, as I have a continuous sustain pedal (not a switch on/off), a DP-8, I can really measure out in real time the sustain resonance as I want, when I want(I didn't did it in this mp3 demo), as it is on a real piano, to recreate living staccato lines (for example)

    The advantage of GS3 to this soluce is that GS3 get all this in one software, but it's possible to get the same result by using various other ones.

    Xavier Bidault

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    Re: Kontakt and realtime pedal down controled convolution

    Very nice indeed.
    Another plug-in that can really help to create convincing release trails and more appealing sustain is the PSP PianoVerb. It is a free download, I use it a lot to get realistic results since it reproduces a very special kind of reverberation originally provided by piano strings. It generates reverberation using twelve string operators with adjustable damping and decay time. Each of them is tuned to a particular note starting from A(55Hz) to a G#(103.8Hz).
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Kontakt and realtime pedal down controled convolution

    Thanks Michiel!
    I only replaced the IR by PSP Pianoverb (and kept idea to control the send volume by sustain pedal).
    I have good result too.
    Here is a short mp3 demo quickly made : http://jazzphoton.free.fr/Demos%20mp...SL+kontakt.mp3

    The PSP pianoverb settings are following:
    - decay time : 7%
    - transpose : b24
    - damping : 100%
    - mix : 100%
    - tune : 0c
    - detune : 0%
    - outpout : -2dB

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    Re: Kontakt and realtime pedal down controled convolution

    Hi Xavier. Exactly what I was looking for in another thread posted at northernsounds.com

    I will try the same approach with some other pianos I have as I don´t own the Emperor. It should be possible with Halion as well as I´m more used to the editing process within Halion.

    What kind of IR did you use if not a piano specific one?
    I´ll try the pianoverb first as my older Mac is a bit weak to deal with IR.

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    Re: Kontakt and realtime pedal down controled convolution

    I don't remember the IR I used... it was just something I quickly made, so it was a basic reverb convolution.

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