Interesting story please read this.

My first love in music is Acappella, (voices only). I decided to make an arrangement of this song and copy it by ear, part by part from the CD entitled "An Evening In December" recorded back in the late 80's. I was "playing in" the parts note by note as I heard them, and picking out what instrument would sound good to replace the voice, hmmmmm not an easy task since instruments can't sing lyrics... duh, sorry AH, but if we already know the lyrics, who cares right? So, I get to a place where a male singer sings a verse with a beautiful, modern style, what do I do now? English Horn?.... no, I've used that in so many of my GPO pieces, Trumpet? Trombone? I know, French Horn solo. So anyway, I get done with this piece and I am so proud. I was so impressed with the vocal arrangement, so I looked on the CD insert and it says, "all songs arranged by David Maddux. Hmmmmm, there's a David Maddux on the GPO forum. I wonder if it's the same guy? Heck, I have responded to some of his posts. I emailed him and asked "are you the same David that arranged all the songs on a CD called An Evening In December? His reply, "Yes! and yours truly singing bass." How cool is that I said! I then told him that he has a little MP3 surprise awaiting him in his emailbox." After he listened to my GPO version of his arrangement, (well most of it except the ending), he said he was flattered with my rendition of his "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day."

So, I say all that to say this. I sent Gary Garritan my Christmas songs to listen to, and he wants me to post them here in the demo section for you all. I thought it was too early, but hey, why not celebrate the season as early as we can, right?
This is the Acappella recording that David Maddux arranged and sang bass on
I Heard The Bells
and this is my GPO version

I will be posting some other Christmas songs too in different posts at Gary's request.
Thanks everybody for responding so positively to my music in the past. I feel mine is no different than everybody else's, because it's not perfect, and still needs little fixes here and there, but hopefully you will find these Christmas songs enjoyable. And thank you David Maddux for such beautiful music!!!
My hope for all of you this Christmas, is that you will experience the joy that can only come from Christmas.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!