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Topic: Waves Native Power Pack 3

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    Waves Native Power Pack 3

    So, is it worth 375 bucks? Just wondering. I've heard a lot of great things and have experienced the plug ins first hand, but I've been hesitant to purchase them due to the cost involved. So what do you guys think of that bundle? Gold is way out of my league, but this is within my spending range.

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    Re: Waves Native Power Pack 3

    Nobody has an opinion on this product? Hmmm.

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    Re: Waves Native Power Pack 3

    Hi Joseph,

    I think many of us haven't heard about NPP 3 yet. Which plugins does it contain?

    I purchased NPP 2 a number of years ago and was quite happy with it, later Waves gave me free upgrade to version 4 for completing one of their surveys and I'm still happily using those plugins.

    I think generally it's agreed that Waves are plugins are a bit overpriced (I don't know about NPP3), the UAD-1 project pack or the Powercore Element may be a better value.

    Please post a link to info about NPP3, I'd like to check it out. Thanks.


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    Re: Waves Native Power Pack 5

    Sorry, I was mistaken or was writing this when ill last night. The version number is 5.

    Here's the link


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    Re: Waves Native Power Pack 3

    I'm still using NPP 2 and I'm thrilled with it. Never even felt the desire to upgrade. I'm sure the newer pugins are even better. Now, a disclaimer- I am WAYYYY behind on audio plugins. Shamefully so. There's a lot of cool stuff out there. But Waves definitely rawks.

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    Lightbulb Re: Waves Native Power Pack 3

    Hi Joseph, I was wondering cause NPP3 was released so long ago...

    NPP 5 is awesome, best plugin suite there is, all the plugins are first rate and professional, this is the best plugin suite you can buy period.

    I strongly suggest you get the Diamond bundle, this is the one that's worth it.
    The renaissance plugins are outstanding and all plugins included are very useful imho.


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    Re: Waves Native Power Pack 3

    Can I borrow 5 grand Franky?

    Thanks for the info. I certainly would like the Diamond bundle, but whew, its way out there. Guess its back to selling plasma again.

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    Re: Waves Native Power Pack 3

    Actually it's more like $3800.

    I agree it is expensive but worth every penny, of course you have to justify the purchase, in my case well, we're a recording and mastering studio and as a mastering engineer of course these tools are essential to my work.

    I don't know how much the NPP5 costs, but also check out the Platinum bundle which is less expensive but has almost all of the plugs and if I had to chose between NPP5 and Renaissance MAX bundle, I'd choose the Renaissance MAX bundle, I always use them over the others, but then again I do use alot of the others, that's why I say you should check out the Platinum bundle or if you really cant afford that seriously look at the renaissance max bundle and determine if you need the few other plugs that are not similar in the renaissance pack I know I'd miss the S1 and L1 in your case.
    Hell buy both the NPP5 and Ren bundles it'll still be something like $1200

    But, really really take a hard look at the Platinum bundle it's not the diamond but still has pretty much everything you need.

    Confused yet ?


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    Re: Waves Native Power Pack 3

    Sorry, but getting this specific bundle would be a total waste of money.
    Ultramaximizer 1? Trueverb?
    These plugs are so outdated!
    Go to Voxengo and see what you can get for that amount instead.

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