I'm brand new here and still a little wet behind the ears.

I have a new HP pavilion laptop and am trying to run GS3, mostly for whatever wonderful piano sounds I can use in live gigs.

After reading several threads, I suspect I may be a little weak at 512mb Ram and I could probably use an additional drive.

I have M-Audio Firewire audiophile.

I have been experiencing many of the same problems as other members - mostly odd crashes (the blue screen type) and much crackling. Even some unusual dropouts.

But (and here's the optimistic part) I think it (GigaPiano , so far) may sound a lot better than other stuff I have tried so I'm not ready to give up.

Are there other laptop users out there with similar setups who have solved some of these problems by simply beefing up their systems with RAM, disk and constant patches.

(also , what is the best piano sound for jazz gigs? )

Thanks in advance
Buxtehude (not my real name)