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Topic: Soundfonts&GPO: some tips please

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    Soundfonts&GPO: some tips please

    Hi GPO friends. I have been here recently because im thinking in buy GPO. I have been a midi&soundfont user for long time, and i have found some limitations using soundfonts that i think that maybe i can solve with GPO. I will xpose them here, maybe you can help me a little:
    1. Sound Quality: mainly, soundfonts are mixed quality ones, you can found some pretty nice ones, and a lot of bad ones. Since they was disegned primarely for use with soundblaster cards, often they have short samples looped . How GPO is about this?
    2. Layers: There are not very much soundfonts using layers, each one for diffrent levels of velocity.
    3. Touchs: There are not much, nearly 0, soundfonts that work with diffrent touchs, by example a clarinet with tongue touch, slur, muted, etc
    4. Easy switch: There are little soundfonts that have diffrent touchs, but using them is a little hard, sometimes they are splitted in diffrent patchs, or sometimes assigned to diffrent layers, any case you must spent a LOT of time to get good results and a very real touch. How GPO solves this, there is any standarized way to switch between touchs and fx like vibrato, etc?

    I have some other questions, but i think that this ones are the more important, if anyone have a little time to answer me, i will apreciate it very much.
    By the way, i think that GPO is a great product, im not trying to say that soundfonts are better, or something, only asking because my ignorance.
    Thanks in advance.
    P.S.: excuse my english

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    Re: Soundfonts&GPO: some tips please

    I have used soundfonts for years, and GPO for 1 year.

    GPO outranks soundfonts in every respect you mention; it is vastly superior.

    Soundfonts win only on two fronts: ease of use, and cheapness (considering the many free ones available.)

    Spend your money on GPO and join this great circle of friends. You won't regret it.

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    Re: Soundfonts&GPO: some tips please

    A: GPO wins this easily. I would say that in the programming GPO's samples are looped, however, the loop points are further out. This only pertains to sustained instruments, not keyed (piano, celeste, harpsichord) or percussive (pizzicato strings, percussion instruments, etc.)

    B: Again, GPO has this through programming. GPO has certain layered samples and those that it does not are done through programming options.

    C: Not sure how to answer this, but GPO contains a variety of playing techniques that are available to the midi composer. Some, but not all, of these are achieved through midi controllers and programming.

    D: See (C) and I will add that velocity and timbre are controlled all in one patch with different articulations available as keyswitches or as different patches. Pizzicato, short bows, muted, trills, tremolo for the strings for example are available as seperate patches or as a large keyswitch patch that contains all the samples in one file and the user switches between them using midi notes.

    This isn't the gospel and I could be wrong about some of this, but this is my understanding.

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    Re: Soundfonts&GPO: some tips please

    Well said by others. I used Soundfonts years ago. There is no comparison with GPO. Any Garritan library is way ahead of soundfonts.

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    Re: Soundfonts&GPO: some tips please

    Hi friends. Thanks very much your advise, specially the Joseph one helps me.
    See you!

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    Re: Soundfonts&GPO: some tips please

    Quote Originally Posted by marce
    Hi friends. Thanks very much your advise, specially the Joseph one helps me.
    See you!
    My experience with sound fonts is what led me to GPO, and what good thing that turned out to be. The best sound fonts that I found could not come close to GPO sounds. The price of GPO is really good, ease of use is good. So if you can squeeze out the funds, go for GPO.


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