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Topic: Spoilt for choice with PMI pianos - please advise ?

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    Question Spoilt for choice with PMI pianos - please advise ?

    I really like these pianos - have quickly audio demo'd the Grandioso 24 bit GS3 Steinway....gorgeous (at least the way THEY played it )

    Old Lady vs Emperor vs new Grandioso Steinberg bs Bosendorfer

    Can't decide.

    The thing that is swaying me at the moment is the 16 velocity layers of the Grandioso Steinway (and the audio demo).

    Can anyone advise ?

    PS Michiel - you may recognise this topic from my recent emails......

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    Re: Spoilt for choice with PMI pianos - please advise ?

    I only have Michiel's original Steinway D Grandioso (without the update to Giga3) and the Old Lady. I have to say, I really like the Grandioso but I like the Old Lady even better. It's velocity layers are extremely even and the dynamic range is very expressive. At the group buy price Michiel is offering I would try the Old Lady. It's a real bargain at full price, let alone with this discount.

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    Lightbulb Re: Spoilt for choice with PMI pianos - please advise ?

    To make things possibly a bit easier for you...(or harder)

    The Grandioso Steinway does not have 16 RECORDED velocity layers but less (if I remember correctly). Additional transition layers have been created using filtering. The new Gold sample libs do have more recorder layers (10-12), so that is a clear advantage over the (to piano library measures: much older) Grandioso lib.

    In my experience it is very important to actually play the library to be able to decide which one is best. I've ordered libs in the past (when playable demos where not yet available) that sounded terrific for a certain genre in the audio demo and that were a huge disappointment when I actually got it 'under my fingers' (and had already payed of course). I could have saved myself >$500 if I could do it all over again. The problem is that, as far as I know, there is no playable demo for the Grandioso.

    If you really don't have access to playable demos at all, I think its best to follow the advice of people who own both libraries and have AB-ed them like TEMPS did. Don't base your decision on specs only.

    Good luck!


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