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Topic: DFH - Giga and Kontact Format

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    DFH - Giga and Kontact Format

    I've got a computer running SONAR and Goove Agent. I have another computer running GigaStudio. I'm looking into loading DFH on the Giga machine as a Giga librbary and have Groove Agent trigger it.

    A few questions:

    1 - There is a new version (DFH 2) that's shipped with a stand alone sampler called KOMPAKT. Could I load up this program on the giga machine as a stand alone program and have the Groove Agent PC send MIDI data to the DFH PC? I think this will work, I just want to make sure I have't missed anything obvious.

    2 - Does anyone have an opinion on the difference between the samples in DFH and DFH 2?

    3 - Does anyome know what sample rate and bit depth was used for DFH and DFH 2?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: DFH - Giga and Kontact Format

    You can run DFH 2 on the second machine by MIDI'ing into it like with GigaStudio, however, there is no export on the included Kontakt player like there is with Gigastudio. You don't export wav's then import them into the host on the other machine for final mixing like with Gigastudio. In that case you'll have to run the DFH 2 player (Kontakt player) in standalone, then route drum audio back to the other machine (ideally by s/pdif to avoid D/A then A/D conversion) and record into the host. You'd probably be better off running DFH 2 and the included Kontakt player on the same machine as your host. This is how it is intended and usually done. It is possible to do otherwise, but seems like more trouble than it's worth.


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