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Topic: Bugs report in GS3.01 and 3.02

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    Bugs report in GS3.01 and 3.02

    We lose all aux send level (knobs) in a DSP input track for the next opening of the project if aux sends are saved off ([on] button bypassed). This one is very annoying to me. There is no reason to lose any level meter of any parameter, even if we bypass them.

    All NFX are muted in Aux Returns after opening a project.

    No A-B button in the Gigapulse pro. (Paper doc p.258)

    Still no electronic documentation about Gigapulse (p.261) and help link [ ?] in the plug available.

    We can’t mute the [FX] button in the Midi Mixer with the Gigapiano Full Modeled - primary and m/s audience. I don’t know if it’s just Gigapiano, or all .gig with embedded Gigapulse.

    The Bypass button in the Gigapulse corner (only in 3.01).

    Lots of dropouts in 3.02, in rewire mode : I can’t use it.

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    Re: Bugs report in GS3.01 and 3.02

    No stereo mixer channels showing up in Sequencer programs like Nuendo/cubase and Sonar in Rewire mode.

    Powercore plug-ins do not work in version 3.02.

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