As RME users already know, we have to tweak the Regedit Driver52/Terminal Server to get our soundcard midi port with GS3, according to that protocol :

1. Uninstall GigaStudio3 if you have it installed.
2. Make sure your RME midi is working (may have to reinstall the driver).
3. Regedit to change the name of the value \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Drivers32\midi
to ...\midi1 (this should have the value hdspmme.dll).
4. Now install GS3.

It works, but I had to delete the « midi1 mlreplnt.drv » line to rename the « midi » line.
But the problem is : the « midi1 mlreplnt.drv » line was the MidiOverLan line, cause this time it is the MidiOverLan port which disappeared in my sequencer...
So I tried to reinstall MidiOverLan then MOL is restored and the « midi1 mlreplnt.drv » appears again, but I lose my RME midi port again...

I now have in Regedit 4 midi line :
midi gmidi.dll
midi1 mlreplnt.drv
midi2 midirvsl.dll
midimapper midimap.dll

I guess that « gmidi.dll » is the GS3 midi port (in conflic with the default RME midi driver).
And « midirvsl.dll » probably the VSL Midi Routter.

Anyone can confirm ?