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Topic: Logic & no GPO freeze

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    Logic & no GPO freeze

    Hi Gary and Co.

    I notice that my Freeze button disappears in the Track that i load a Multi-Instr. instance of GPO.

    If I unload the instrument, the Freeze button reappears.

    Is this just not supported or is there a magic box to check or something like that.

    I'm running out of juice on my Powerbook and would love to freeze an instance of GPO.

    Digging the GPO sounds by the way!!

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    Re: Logic & no GPO freeze

    Seems to be a general problem with multi instruments.

    Mute everything but GPO, bounce and load the mix into an audio track. That's your only way out, afaik.


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    Re: Logic & no GPO freeze

    Thanks, TEnnessee.

    Yeah, that's what I've been doing.

    But I actually went in first and lowered the voice counts to just what i needed...but still pooping out.

    So, yeah, now I'm just capturing parts of the GPO that are holding my sequence up. Then i import it.

    Actually, I'm a bit surprised that Multi channel instruments (of ALL instr. don't allow for freezing). If you'd need anything to get frozen fast, it's a software module that's doing a lot of work.

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