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Topic: Sonar with SIR

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    Sonar with SIR

    For some reason, whenever I try to use SIR with Sonar I experience(Or rather the computer experiences) a massive dropout and no sound is produced. It works fine with Cubase. Could any Sonar users possibly offer up any advice?

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    Re: Sonar with SIR

    Possibly check your buffer size and stuff under audio. Also what version of SIR are you using. I have experienced that problem many times and it usually has to do with too much CPU consumption.


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    Re: Sonar with SIR

    I'm using SIR 1.005. I'm using the ASIO drivers on my soundcard so I can't change the number of buffers i use but I've got 11.6msec of latency.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Sonar with SIR

    Just upgraded SIR to 1.008. It didn't help.

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    Re: Sonar with SIR

    Woohoo! I fixed it! Nevermind all. I just disabled delay compensation in the VST adapter and all now all is well.

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