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Topic: Release Trigger Rolls

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    Release Trigger Rolls

    They don't work too good.

    Tom, if you read this. I can send you some audio and a midi file of a snare track that has me keyswitching between the release trigger rolls and single hits. It just sounds like there's a random layering issue or something. It is pretty random in its occurences, but doubtlessly always occurs within the playback of this song. It sounds like all of a sudden 3 or four more snare players enter the room and join in but they're a few ticks off. I am going to open the patch in Kontakt to see if I can find the problem, but I wanted to let you know.

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    Re: Release Trigger Rolls


    You can send the files to me privately if you like. I'll take a look. Try to keep the mp3 file under 1 meg as an attachment.


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