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Topic: Powerbook pooping out??

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    Question Powerbook pooping out??

    I'm running a TItanium PB 1GHz
    1GB RAM
    410 firewire card
    Logic 7 with buffer at 1024 (and sometimes 512 just to experiment)

    My 3 minute piece plays fine except for two small areas which surprisingly are not dense at all and in fact the only parts I have at those spots are
    two vlolin pizz parts,
    one viola pizz part and a
    bass pizz part.

    The CPU shoots up everytime in those same non-dense parts causing the powerbook to stop. But a few bars before when I have a more dense passage, the PB plays fine.

    I've checked the one instance of GPO I'm running the strings on and the voice count I've tried lowering but to no avail. The CPU meter hits about 75% and then it stops.

    The Logic system meter also spikes at that point.

    Any ideas what could be causing these few areas of my piece to sputter and stop when it seems my polyphony counts isn't high, no audio tracks running at that point...only two effects running via busses...and the fact that most of the piece plays fine with Gigapiano loaded and Garriton's old (but great) A melodic harp.

    AND those spots that sputters and stops there are only three parts playing (no gigapiano or harp or anything else).

    Thanks for any insight you can offer.

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    Cool Re: Powerbook pooping out??

    did you use these instruments before in the piece?
    In my experience there is a CPU overhead whenever a sample is used for the first time, probably because the system has to track where it is in the memory.
    It's strange that everything stops!
    I don't know if it could be a solution but you could freeze the track or create a couple of "ad-hoc" measures before the music starts when you use all the instruments: in this way you should have a chance to solve the problem.
    Let's see if there are other comments I never experienced a block of my powerbook (i have a pb too) and maybe i'm wrong.
    Good luck

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    Re: Powerbook pooping out??

    Yeah, those instruments play earlier in the piece.

    And I'd love to freeze but my Freeze button disappears in Logic on those specific tracks that I load a GPO multi (I asked this in another thread...hasn't been addressed yet, though).

    I think the strangest thing is that it ppops out on the least dense part of the piece. With only four parts playing of pizz. articulations.

    The frustrating thing is even when I bounce all tracks in Logic (offline bounce) those stutters and pops actually show up in the bounced file.

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    Re: Powerbook pooping out??

    mmm, maybe it's an issue with logic.
    Did you try to use GPO studio instead of the GPO kontakt player, maybe just for the traces that present the problem?

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