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Topic: Im doing my Senior Project on this stuff...

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    Post Im doing my Senior Project on this stuff...

    Hey guys,

    I just started doing my senior project for highschool on the Art of Modern Synthesized Music, basically all the stuff we're into, hehe. My only problem is that I have to do like, 100 Note cards with sources and stuff, and besides the forum, and developers sites, i can not find any general information on giga, kontakt, etc... Any pointers? and if you lend any information here, can I have your First and Last name for source information, since I know you All are respectable,


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    Re: Im doing my Senior Project on this stuff...

    I could email you a copy of the underlying patents for Gigastudio if you wish. Send me a private message. Also, check out the articles on Sound on Sound's webpage. There are some interesting things there. I'd also do some general searches on specific innovations like GigaPulse (convolution software). And don't forget the true synths like Spectrosonics Atmosphere.

    If you really want a complete paper I would also email the developers themselves. I would wager that most of them would take the time to respond to a few questions. Then there are always the sequencers and the audio editing programs, the composers themselves (Hans Zimmer, Mark Isham, Vangelis, Danny Elfman, etc). There is so much out there. What specific aspects are you going for? If you don't narrow the topic this could become a very large paper.

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    Re: Im doing my Senior Project on this stuff...

    Basically, its an overview of the process from making a *crappy* midi sounding song, into a a beautiful sounding Orchestrated piece.

    Good idea abouot looking up certain topics!

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