This is actually a continuation of struggles to get performance out of a brand new iMac G5, but I'm posting it separately as I thought choice of sound cards is a key part of a system.

1) I'm using a Tascam US-122 USB Audio/MIDI interface which is strictly 24 bit. Other interfaces were tried (although on my laptop) and were pretty much dysfunctional.

One thing which seems to me like it should be a big clue: when I've had total sonic mayhem in playback, if I record to AIFF and play back the recorded music(also through the US-122) it sounds great.

2) Also, is there a place in GPO or GPO Studio to change to 16 bit? The only place I've found this(and it's probably right under my nose) is within the record function.


P.S. I should know better than to buy early on the new generations of Macs, but I did, and my system(see below)is slowly but surely getting there. It has gone from almost totally dysfunctional to minor static. If & when it does I'll try to post a list of the fixes it took for anyone else who may have taken the iMac G5 leap and is experiencing the same problems. Maybe I just got a lemon (or some bad memory?) but things are looking more promising.

iMac G5/1.8 GHz/2gigs RAM/Sibelius/GPO