Hi Guys

I'm getting a stuttering effect in the multis in RMX because of what appears to be my CPU choking.

I don't think I have any power filters going, unless some of them are set up in the multis. Spectrum? Anyone?

I could really use RMX in its own computer if it were ever designed as a standalone, because the effects and filtering and layering possibilities are endless with this monster.

I could gobble up 3 times the CPU if I had it available to me in RMX. What a Plug!

I still can't believe this thing!!! My biggest fear is that I'm gonna wake up and find out that RMX was just a dream. But its not!!!! )

I truly believe that Spectrasonics has unleashed a conceptual ideology in the industry with its release of RMX that is going to quite literally revolutionize the way sound developers are going to work in the entire industry. I can see where this is going, and its beautiful....... I'm planning on riding this wave!!!

The effects in stylus are absolutely wonderful, and simple!!! If other softsynth / plug developers don't wise up to the obvious, Spectrasonics will soon enough dominate the electronic music scene with no runner up anywhere close.

Cheers Spectrum!!!!