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Topic: LARGpO: extended adagio

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    LARGpO: extended adagio

    Some time ago I posted a sketch with the sweetest strings I can squeeze out of GPO (lots of sirup on the bow...)
    Some people asked me whether I developed it further, but I never took notice of this PM thing on the forum, sorry. To make up for it, I did enlargo it today:
    Thats how far it can go.

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    Re: LARGpO: extended adagio

    very good, man.

    you know what you do there.

    enjoyed it & saved on my hd.

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    Re: LARGpO: extended adagio


    thanks for revisiting this. I remember your earlier version of several months back and now it's twice as long. You certainly have a knack of playing so sweetly. Are you a string player by any chance? Thanks for developing this further and posting your extended adagio "LARGpO"

    Gary Garritan

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