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Topic: aardvark web site !!!!!!

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    Angry aardvark web site !!!!!!

    sorry to put this here but i´m trying to find the aardvark web site to download the driver for my lx6 pro sound card and there´s no page on air.
    what´s going on!!!
    if anyone of you guys can help me send the driver to:
    it´s an emergency please help

    btw:how about service pack 2?it´s worth to be intalled?
    thanks anyways

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    Re: aardvark web site !!!!!!

    By the looks of it someone forgot to renew their domain name. Until they renew it, they won't be back on line. I'm sure they will resolve it quickly but unfortunately that doesn't help much.
    Good luck.
    Specialist/Sound Design

    "A note of music gains significance from the silence on either side." -Anne
    Morrow Lindberg

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    Smile Re: aardvark web site !!!!!!

    jhaggerty!!thanks anyways.

    Hans !!!you save my life man.
    thank you very much !!!

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    Re: aardvark web site !!!!!!


    I would download as soon as possible. The Cakewalk forums have a rumour that Aaardvark is going under:


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    Re: aardvark web site !!!!!!

    Yes, aardvark apparently went out of business:


    Sorry. I don't have an aardvark, but I did find this left-over link:


    I was able to download the Setup713.exe. If you have a problem there I can email to you what I just downloaded.

    - Keith

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    Re: aardvark web site !!!!!!

    it´s too bad news!!!!
    i would like to use my lx6 pro with sonar 4 and gigastudio 3 in the future.
    will work?
    thanks Martin .
    Kbaccki thanks for you offer but i´m ok now.

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    Re: aardvark web site !!!!!!

    Mmmm, that's why I'm already waiting two years for a new driver update for my Aark 20/20 (the last one is pretty faulty)!

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    Re: aardvark web site !!!!!!

    i'm still not beliaving in the news about aardvark.
    we need more respect and they need to provide update drivers for us.
    can anyone tell me about aardvark sound card with sonar 4 and gigastudio 3?
    service pack 2 must be installed or not yet?
    i have only 44.1khz using sonar 3.

    my setup:
    amd xp 2.8+
    mobo msi kt6(via kt600 chipset)
    1 gb ddr pc 3200 kingston
    aardvark lx6 pro sound card.

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