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Topic: Giga Updates

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    Giga Updates

    I don't have a modem in my new PC....I don't want to get one either...I have a Mac online as I don't get as many viruses as one would with a PC....Will Tascam send me an update via a download to my Mac, that I can later install in my PC by burning it to CD ? Will they just send me the upgrade by CD ?...I paid for my GS3 and would like to be able to upgrade ....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Giga Updates


    Can't you just download the latest GS3 update using your Mac, and burn it to a CD yourself?

    The only item you need to download is your CD Product Key. The file you download IS a windows ".exe" file.

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    Re: Giga Updates

    I thought that maybe it was a self extracting file that goes directly into the computer that downloads it ....I may be wrong ....I sure hope I am....I know that there is nothing on my computer that actually recognizes .exe files, but that's not to say that I can't download them for use in a PC ....I've never had to do this before...I know when a realtor at one time sent me an .exe file , I could not open it as it's a Window's file that needs a Window's processor to open it ....I hope I can copy it and burn it to a CD....I keep you updated ...
    Thanks a lot ....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Giga Updates

    Like you, I do not connect my PC to the internet. Once you have entered your CD Key on the Tascam site and open the download page, simply control-click the link to the upgrade file and select Download Link To Disk on your mac - the mac will not try to open it. I use a USB flash drive to tranfer files between my mac and PC (saves burning partial CD's). My drive would not accept the update file at first until I realised the file name contained slashes. I removed these and it was fine. But yes - short answer - you can download PC files on your mac and tranfer them later.

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    Re: Giga Updates

    Thanks for your reply....I like your Flash drive idea, but I don't have that many PC items that I need to update....I think I'll go the burning setup ...I have more disc's than $$$ at this point .... .....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Giga Updates

    The file is just a data file (a Windows executable program file); it is not a self-extracting file.

    Although I don't own a Mac, I would think you could just download it and copy/burn it to media. The ideal would be if you create the CD in the .ISO format.

    If the file loses the .exe extension, just rename it after you have copied it to your Windows PC hard drive.

    The other alternative would be to just find someone with a Windows PC, an Internet connection, and a CD burner (most PCs have this).

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    Re: Giga Updates

    If your PC has a network socket you could save yourself some trouble...
    Connect the PC to the Mac, set up a simple network and you can transfer data files, programs, internet content, audio files etc all over network. A cable is just a few $$. For security reaons you can leave the IP-network protocol disabled on the PC, just keep the network protocol open. This way the internet will never be able to reach your PC but you can save files from the internet straight to the local PC disks when you are downloading them on the Mac.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Giga Updates

    Thanks guys.... A lot of great advise here....Sincerely, Jim

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