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Topic: Any Black Grand w/ Kontakt users?

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    Any Black Grand w/ Kontakt users?

    Can anyone offer some advice on DFD settings for the Black Grand
    and Kontakt? I have a Mac G4 Dual 1.5 w. 2.0 Ghz RAM w/ DP 4.5.
    How do other people have the pre-load buffer and sample buffers set
    in the DFD engine in Kontakt?



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    Re: Any Black Grand w/ Kontakt users?

    Sorry to jump in here - I was about to ask a similar question, but related to that is this:

    Do you find that if you have Black Grand loaded (with DFD enabled), you have trouble loading in another hefty library (e.g. White Grand)? It always tells me I have too little RAM - I have PIV 3ghz with 1ghz RAM - maybe that just isn't enough (not surprising cos I think recommended RAM for Black Grand is 1.5ghz RAM!).



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    Re: Any Black Grand w/ Kontakt users?

    Yes, the recommended RAM is 1.5 GHZ.I think that is your problem.

    How long does it take your computer to load a Black Grand program(i.e. Ambient medium)? I'm finding it takes mine about 3-4 minutes? I know this is a very large sample so I'm guessing this is probably normal.



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    Re: Any Black Grand w/ Kontakt users?

    I think you guys are confusing GHz with GigaBytes.

    I use the Black Grand in Kontakt. It takes a long time to load and it takes a lot of RAM (even with DFD on).

    I have my DFD (I use it with EWQL Gold) at 96, 96, with 128 reserved voices. These settings work well in a G5 Dual 2G Mac.

    There has been talk of GHz speed for ram here before but I'm not aware of the implications. In a Mac, the speed of the ram is locked into which ram will work in the machine.

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    Re: Any Black Grand w/ Kontakt users?

    On a related note; when I'm playing White Grand in Kontakt 1.5.3 I can't get over 64 voices. It's set at 256 so I must be missing something simple.

    Also, is there a way to mask repeated notes in Kontakt?

    Michael Telle

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    Re: Any Black Grand w/ Kontakt users?

    Hello rJames:

    Yes, I did mean Gigabytes and not Ghz. Sorry for the confusion.


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