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Topic: Please check GS 3 PC Build Specs.

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    Please check GS 3 PC Build Specs.

    I intend to order the following parts next week and build a dedicated PC for GS 3 Orchestra. I would appreciate any suggestions for improvement along with any recommendations for vendors that offer more competitive prices than those I have found so far. Also, can someone please confirm that the Intel D875PBZLK MB will support the Intel P4 3.4GHz processor? (MB specs on TigerDirect says it only supports CPU's up to 3.2GHz)


    CPU: Intel P4 3.4GHz / 1MB Cache / 800MHZ FSB / Socket 478 (TigerDirect - $299.00)
    MOTHERBOARD: Intel D875PBZLK FMB 1.5 i875P Extreme Edition CPU-R (TigerDirect - $139.00)
    CPU FAN: ZALMAN CNPS7000A-Cu Pure Copper CPU Cooler (Newegg - $40.99)
    RAM: (2) x Kinston Dual Channel 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz (TigerDirect - $179 x (2) $359.99)
    LAN: On-board 10/100/1000 Mbps
    VIDEO: MSI nVIDIA GeForce MX4000 Video Card, 64MB DDR (Newegg $34.99)
    1394: On board.
    AUDIO: RME Hammerfall 96/36 (Sweetwater - $349.00)
    MIDI: MIDIOVERLAN CP (CP Software - $129.00)
    C: DRIVE: WD 80 GB IDE System Drive (Newegg - $58.00)
    D: DRIVE: HITACHI 250GB SATA Sample Drive 1 (*Foxtec - $130.00 )
    E: DRIVE: HITACHI 250GB SATA Sample Drive 2 (*Foxtec - $130.00)
    DVD/CD Combo: Sony Internal 16X DVD+/-RW/Model DW-D22A-B2,OEM (Newegg - $85.00)
    FLOPPY: None
    CASE: ANTEC Life Style with 380W Power Supply, Model "SONATA - Black (Newegg $99.00)
    POWER SUPPLY: (included in case bundle)
    FAN: (Included in case bundle)

    * currently out of stock

    TOTAL COST HARDWARE: $1,899.13

    OS: XP Home SP1 (Newegg - $141.00)
    Sampler: GS3 Orchestra (Tascam upgrade - $250)


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    Re: Please check GS 3 PC Build Specs.

    Not sure about that motherboard and if it will support the CPU or not, and, in all honesty, many people will have differing opinions. I can see now that the first recommendation that you are likely to get is to go LGA 775 with an i925 chipset.
    Personally, I don't think it matters that much, depending on how much stress you intend to cause your system.

    The main thing there that worries me is:
    CPU FAN: ZALMAN CNPS7000A-Cu Pure Copper CPU Cooler (Newegg - $40.99)

    I would definitely recommend you get the newer "B" model.

    While that "A" is a very good cooler, the "B" model is better yet, and also a bit lighter. No matter what motherboard you get make sure you double check on Zalmans site as there are a bunch of motherboards that it won't fit on.


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    Re: Please check GS 3 PC Build Specs.

    Thanks for the reply. The cost of the Intel 3.4 Ghz CPU is the same for both socket 478 and 775, however it seems like the Intel D925XCVLK MB (with i925 chip-set) is a bit more expensive at $199. Any idea what performance gain specifically with respect to Giga 3 could be realized going with this option vs the 478 combo? Do you know if this MB will accept both DDR & DDR 2 memory (if it only takes DDR2 memory then this would raise the cost of the system by several hundred dollars). Also does the DDR 2 memory really make a difference over DDR 400Mhz PC3200 when running Giga Studio 3?

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Re: Please check GS 3 PC Build Specs.

    One of the good things about Intel boards is that the support information available at their site is second to none. You can find processor-compatibility information for your mobo here:


    There are several 3.4Ghz CPUs listed. Some say they are compatible, some are only compatible with certain serial numbers of the board. Tricky, as you won't have the board number to compare until you buy it! But I suppose if you're buying new it would be one of the newer ones.

    I can recommend the board though - rock solid.

    I've also recently bought that Antec Sonata case. I haven't finished setting up the system in it yet, but it looks great so far and I've heard it's almost silent. There's an add-on pack you can get of acoustic foam stick-on strips and pads, specifically designed for that case, just to make it even quieter:


    I ordered this and it seems pretty comprehensive, and is easy enough to install. But like I said, I haven't got the machine up yet so I can't comment personally on the results.

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    Re: Please check GS 3 PC Build Specs.

    Thanks for the info. I know of quite a few GS 3 systems running 24/7 using this combo so we should be in good shape. Please let me know how your build goes. I know that the Antec Lifestyle Sonata case comes with additional FW and USB connectors on the front, can you confirm if the case come with the necessary cables to connect these up to the MB? I'm still toying with the idea of going with the LGA 775 (D925XCVLK MB) with the i925 chip-set as sugested by Steve along with the faster DDR 2 Ram instead, but I don't know if it's really worth the extra $300 (for the faster DDR 2 Ram). Would love to hear from some other users out there regarding the performance advantages of going this route.

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