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Topic: 180 songs, 10 hours of music

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    180 songs, 10 hours of music

    That's what we currently have and will be taking into the studio next week. We had to make a cutoff so that Charlie and Deirdre would have time to listen to everything and construct their shows prior to the session.

    As I've mentioned before, please update your info before Saturday the 20th so they'll know how to introduce you and your music.

    If your stuff didn't get in on this batch, don't worry! We will continually be adding new music, so keep composing and keep sending in your music. It will be included on the next round of recording we do!

    Also, we're having ongoing discussions about what new shows to add, which special features would be cool, etc. and any thoughts you'd like to offer will most certainly be tossed into our program conversations. Get your ideas to us and help us shape the Composer Channel into something to show off your talents!

    That's all for me, folks. I'm cooked, and I'm going to bed.
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    Re: 180 songs, 10 hours of music

    Wow, ten hours!?! I'm very excited! You are to be praised for all your hard work!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    The excitement continues! Ten hours of music? I may never get my work finished during the day (or evening for that matter). Thanks for all your extremely hard work and for bringing us this fantastic opportunity to showcase our music to the world!
    I can hear the applause now! Oh, wait what? ... sorry, that was the TV in the family room but quite fitting! Gee, I though that was weird.

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